Good Walks Un-spoiled

Below are walks I have managed to record the route of using the latest mobile wizadry. I can now show these as routes with points of interest (at least for me they are) and even the occasional photo. I've included some brief notes for the POI to whet your appetite.

For anyone new to this page, there are some brief notes on the controls below, just click on the arrow to go to the walks...

  • Maps are zoomable with control in the top left or a mouse-wheel.
  • The button above the zoom control re-centers the map.
  • You can change the underlying map from the list in the top right of the map.
  • Move the mouse over the flag to get a small preview of the image
  • You can click on the flags to popup another preview.

  • Click on the title to open a full size image in a new tab.
  • Click on 'Info' to repositition the information section on the right.
  • The key in the bottom corner tells which flags are which and you can open the pop-up by clicking on them.
  • For anyone with climacophobia (fear of climbing hills) the green graph in the bottom left of the map opens a profile of the elevation on the route. I don't claim it to be accurate, but it will give you an idea of how hilly the walk might be.

  • In the summary maps, the circle shows the rough area covered by the walk, so you can where you are in relation to everywhere else.

Temple Meads to Arnos Court
A walk from Temple Meads to find the Arnos Court Arch...
June 2021 Summary load map
Two Tunnels Greenway
The route follows the disused railway trackbed of the Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway from East Twerton through the Bath suburb of Oldfield Park to the Devonshire Tunnel. It emerges into Lyncombe Vale before entering the Combe Down Tunnel, and then coming out to cross Tucking Mill Viaduct at Tucking Mill into Midford.
June 2021 Summary load map
Fishponds to Barrs Court
A walk following the Bristol-Bath Cycle Track to Warmley then on to Barrs Court.
June 2021 Summary load map
A walk along the Dramway from Coalpit Heath (in two parts)
June 2021 Summary load map
Fishponds Circular
A walk around Fishponds and its surroundings
July 2021 Summary load map
Southstoke, Combe Hay Circluar
A circular walk from Southstoke taking in the Combe Hay Locks, Midford Station and the Combe Down Tunnel.
(This walk is based on a route planned and researched by Steve Mynard, (A Walk In the Past)
August 2021 Summary load map
Bishop's Knoll and Sea Mills
A short walk along the Portway (away from the road) to Sea Mills.
August 2021 Summary load map
Portishead to Clevedon
A walk along the coast from Portishead to Clevedon.
October 2021 Summary load map
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