A Book Of Days - (Volume 1)

This is a personal project of images and quotes I have found over the years that I have liked or which have struck a chord with me. This first volume uses images I have found on the web and elsewhere...
(I plan a second volume using just photographs of my own. Stay tuned... )

Note: Just because I use a quote doesn't necessarily mean I agree with everything the author ever said. I haven't bothered to look into their political and moral opinions; I just like the sentiments in this particular quote.

Also, I make no representations about any link between the opinions in the quotes, their authors and the images or their creators. If I liked the words and the image and felt, personally, that they sat well together then that is as far as it went.

Finally, if you don't like a quote or image on a particular date then feel free to create your own version....

All images and quotes are, as always, the copyright of the original creator. I've added attributions where I can find them and they should be enough for people to google the author or artist if they want to find more.